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Sustainable Maglev Transport Is Now Ready For Deployment

Shanghai Maglev Maintenance Yard And 3-Way Bendable Steel Switch (2002)

CoatesConsult (CC) provides project consulting services for the deployment of advanced transportation systems, such as high-speed rail infrastructure, inductively powered electric propulsion, composite transportation infrastructure components, and high- and low-speed magnetic levitation (maglev) transport systems. As a result of direct connections with the people who build and operate the world's most advanced transport systems, we are able to deliver 21st century transit solutions to North America now. While no project is too large, we focus first and foremost on the delivery of privately funded and Public Private Partnership (PPP) transit solutions to municipalities and urban corridors.

If your town, city or county is experiencing massive traffic congestion, has scattered pockets of dense real estate development, more traffic light intersections than you can count, and have seen what were once short trips morphing into long slogs, urban maglev transport may be the transit solution you need

Deploying urban maglev systems will dramatically reduce travel time for transit riders due to the use of dedicated rights of way (ROW) that do not interfere with the infrastructure of existing modes. Having a dedicated ROW also enables very high average speeds. This helps make urban maglev a far superior solution to LRT, BRT, regular bus transit, or even subways.

Not only do elevated maglev systems fit snugly into the space above existing busy roads and highways, they are completely automated (driverless), extremely quiet, introduce zero vibration into the surrounding environment, operate in all weather conditions (yes, including snow), and now typically cost less to deploy than at-grade light rail systems. They are so reliable that their high percentage of system availability (99.97%) could support 24/7 operations. They could even be made to operate like horizontal elevators during off-peak travel times.

Private investors know that if maglev's initial capital costs are even the same as light rail, the system's operation and maintenance costs (O&M) will be far less. This one fact, combined with good ridership numbers, promises an excellent return on investment in corridors with high volume ridership in a shorter period of time.

CC possesses in-depth planning information, system data and operational perspective for both the operational and financial feasibility of high- and low-speed maglev transport systems. CC can also provide interested government agencies and financial institutions with performance criteria to enable accurate system evaluation and detailed O&M comparisons for both advanced and conventional transportation modes.

We represent a highly knowledgeable and select cadre of international engineering professionals who design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) maglev transport systems for commercial service.